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The Nook

Past Exhibitions

Past Events @ The Nook Gallery

Chasing Dreams by Nick Carrick {February 2017}

Radljost - Enough Light to Navigate by Daniel Milligan & Tom Terlaak {February 2017}

La Máscara by Bonnita Gillard {January 2017}

Regeneration by Tash Carah {November 2016}

out & about by Janis House {November 2016}

sea of dreams by Liz Fitzgerald {October 2016}

Fiestas by Maria Flores {October 2016}

Subways + Sidewalks by Tom Terlaak {April 2016}

Safe Keeping by Kate Macindoe, Sarah Dingwall & Emma Morgan {April 2016}

Australian Escape by Alex Jennings {February 2016}

White Caps by Chloe McColl {August 2015}

Jason Woodside, NY Street Artist Oz Tour {May 2015}

It's Just Begun by Janine Everett {March 2015}

The Symphony – Book by Paul Dillion / Illustrations by Josh Brown {December 2014}

Washed Elegance by Cait Miers {December 2014}

Hither, Thither & Yon curated by The Snake Hole {November 2014}

Rough by Jordana Henry & Lily Johanna {October 2014}

The Nook Opening Night ~ All Relative by Kristy Oates & Josh Brown {October 2014}

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