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The Nook


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I Am Light by Avalyn Doyle {Exhibition}

  • The Nook Gallery 18 Progress Street Mornignton Australia (map)

Opening Night | Saturday 23rd July 2016, 6–9pm
Exhibition runs until 13th August 2016

An exhibition of paintings and photography that interprets the essential matter of all existence : light, enlightenment, beliefs, mind synapses, the essence of woman, sunlight, reflections, land intuitions, mystical conversations – all of these ideas are woven together in this exhibition. 

'I wish to share a little of my journey of deep transformation. I now experience more beauty and joy every day – essential qualities of an enlightened mind – than ever perceived from a dark past.' 

FB: /avalyn.doyle
Instagram: /avalynd

Artist profile: Avalyn Doyle

'Painting, and more recently, photography, gave me deep connections to the land for a very long time. After finally deciding that belonging to something tangible mattered, I discovered it was the beginning of a finding out that nothing about my environment was real.

Everything I see is a perceptive reality. My thinking engages me in either fear or beauty. Through meditation and self reflective silence in retreat for many years, I found the greatest fulfilment from believing that the process of life can be a very magical and mystical succession of experiences. To me that is true freedom. 

I paint for the simple pleasure of it after a lifetime wanting an identity as an important artist. Now, it’s just what I do to feel bliss.'