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The Nook


Its just begun {Exhibition}

A solo exhibition by Janine Everett.

Exhibition opens Thurs 19 March, 7.00pm
Exhibition runs 19 March – 26 March
Mon to Fri: 10am – 5pm / Saturday: 10am - 3pm

Janine Everett is a Mornington Peninsula based artist, teacher and creator. Her work is evoked through imagination using mixed media, paints & wood that inspire and transform re-cycled materials into an art form. Working on canvas and creating color, texture, collage into each art piece - drives passion into all artworks.

The environment of the Mornington Peninsula is the main influence, where aesthetics are around Janine. Especially the ocean & bay beaches, everyday the light changes, & the mood, which captures another inspiration of art.

Art in Australia excites Janine, especially Indigenous Art, which is a major influence & stimulus that enlightens the creative process.

This exhibition is a celebration of the beginning, where past & present influences of music, surf, art and culture celebrate where Janine is at today.